Northborough 2016 Primary

Thank you to all who came out to vote for Republicans, including our Town Committee, in the Primary yesterday!  I would also like to extend my sincerest gratitude for those voters who supported Bonnie Johnson, our State Committeewoman.  Bonnie won the towns in her district big, but lost her race in Worcester.  In Northborough, 839 votes were cast for Johnson versus 524 for Spillane.  While Johnson's knowledge and experience will be sorely missed, Northborough Republicans and our volunteers in Northborough are experienced & knowledgeable and have been through several election cycles.  We are pretty self-sufficient in our local work! Sheriff Lew is up for re-election this year and we are committed to providing all the support that we can to him in Northborough.  I do not have yet the results of the other SCM races, I will include them in a follow-up email.

We sincerely thank Bonnie Johnson for her years of tireless work in the 1st Worcester District and wish her well as she continues her work for the Trump campaign.  We look forward to working with our newly elected SCM, Kristina Spillane. 

We will reorganize our Committee, as required by law, within 10 days.  A meeting notice will go out and all who are interested in becoming Members or volunteers are welcome to join us.

This is a link to Northborough's Unofficial Results:

A short recap:

Turnout was between approximately 50 and 55 percent in our Precincts.

Trump came in first with 904 votes, Kasich came in next with 523, Rubio came in third with 482, Cruz fourth with 241.

The Democrats chose Sanders - 1577 over Clinton - 1384.  Who knew we had that many closet socialists in town, lol?!?  I'm thinking Microeconomics should be required at Algonquin!


Kim Shepherd, Chair



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