Safe Communities Act Fails to be a Solution

The recent forum organized by St. Matthew’s church members was to learn about the Safe Communities Act, S1305, introduced by Acton State Senator James Eldridge. The parish’s ultimate goal is to guarantee the safety of immigrants both legal and illegal as understood by Christian teachings.


Senator Eldridge directed his remarks at the ways in which his Act would ensure that law enforcement and other authorities in Massachusetts would not assist Federal officials doing their job. Outlawed would be honoring ICE detainers and administrative warrants; using State, city or town funds to support ICE; asking anyone about their immigration status; making an arrest or detaining a person for immigration purposes; transporting  a person; sharing data.  But they must provide and attorney and a translator when needed at our cost.


The Act demands that law enforcement, justice and elected officials ignore the oaths they took. This leads to the obvious conclusion that if government does not abide by the law then no one will. One could say this leads to anarchy. Certainly it leads to disrespect.


The Senator did not speak about improving how the government should or could protect the average citizen from dangerous repeating criminals. The Act does not mention protecting citizens from proven criminals. When questioned about this later in the program Senator Eldridge skirted the issue with calls for due process and the old myth that illegal aliens do not report crime for fear of being identified. He further cautioned that using ICE to enforce the laws of the nation is the start of a Federal Police Force. Oh no! He is forgetting the FBI, the DEA – all armed and all Federal and we are all still free. The senator does not believe that the Constitution protects citizens and not foreigners.


The senator has partial stories about illegal immigrants being arrested and detained by ICE and some deported even though they had never been arrested. These stories were of course tear jerking but lacking in depth and completion. Without facts and data they are just rumors. Just how many of these deportations of totally innocent people are taking place remains uncorroborated. On the other hand we read and hear, quite often and with explicit detail, substantiated reports about the molested child, the raped teenager, the stabbing victim and a man dragged by a pickup truck until dead to know that some of these people should not be allowed back onto the streets of Massachusetts.


Senator Eldridge’s Safe Community Act, S1305, panders to the emotions set up by left leaning media (propaganda). That was evident in his support for the May Day protest at the State House.


Being empathic to the plight of moral and productive people in our country illegally is certainly a noble and worthwhile endeavor. We all should be treated with respect and compassion. But protecting us all from physical harm cannot be put aside for political reasons. Despite how Senator Eldridge feels about our president, his job and the task at hand is to protect citizens. S1305 only addresses keeping illegal aliens safe from federal law and does nothing to keep us safe from physical harm.


Senator Eldridge needs to stop pandering for votes in his well populated districts; take some time to understand the concerns of others and remember that his job is first to represent the interests of citizens.


I urge you to make your feelings known to Senator Eldridge at (617) 722-1120 or at You may also wish to notify Governor Charles Baker.


Charles Caliri


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  • Kimberly Shepherd
    commented 2017-05-05 15:46:53 -0400
    Thank you so much, Charlie, for taking the time to travel to Acton to participate in Sen. Eldridge’s discussion and then reporting back your experience to the rest of us! Kim Shepherd
  • Charles Caliri
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-02 19:30:08 -0400
    Safe Communities Act Fails to be a Solution
  • Charles Caliri
    published this page in Our Conservative Blog 2017-05-02 19:29:18 -0400