Toxic Masculinity

I would have liked to have written about the End of an Error and the beginning of Draining the Swamp; but, I read a piece yesterday on that I'm still having a hard time coming to grips with: Colleges are offering events and conferences to explore the violent tendencies of manhood.

Locally, the article hits home with: "UMass, Amherst, likewise, has a “Men and Masculinities Center” for students to “interrogate and deconstruct traditional forms of masculinity,” even offering a support group for male students “who violated certain aspects of community standards” that “consists of a series of structured activities and conversations designed to get participants to reflect upon their behavior and the ways in which adherence to masculine norms influenced their choices.”.

Men, it seems, are the new kicking post for the left.  I don't know about you, but I see this as a form of passive-aggressive bullying (you are bad but we can help you) and a complete waste of time and money (what are these conferences and events going to cost? What will they accomplish?). 

More importantly, what kind of message does this send to our sons who are attending these schools?  That they are inherently bad because they are men and need a support group and practice activities to learn how to not be men?  That their masculinity is a threat to the population? I keep hearing about the War on Women, let's talk about the War on Men!  I'm not an alumni of UMass; but if I were, I know what I would be telling them the next time they rang my phone for a contribution...

Strong Men: May we know them, may we love them, may we raise them!

Kim Shepherd

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    Toxic Masculinity
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