Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right

The Northborough Republican Town Committee was reorganized in 2011 by activists from Northborough who found after trying to help State Legislative candidates, that there was no functional help for GOP candidates in Northborough.  Since 2011 we have participated in several campaign schools, even hosting one in Worcester.  We have knocked on hundreds of doors for various GOP campaigns, to collect signatures, etc... We advocate for good government locally and on Beacon Hill.  We have always been willing to work with any group for the betterment of our candidates and/or families.  Some of us even stood with members of the MTA in Worcester to protest Arne Duncan.

We also were aware of the dysfunction at the State Party and have advocated for positive change where we could - organizational based change, better support for RTC/RCCs, more help for candidates.  And some of those changes have slowly been made.

We strongly support Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito.  We made sure that Northborough sent a full slate of Delegates to our State Convention in 2014 and all voted for Charlie Baker.  We helped them with the work they asked us to do for them in Northborough.  We continue to support them in the work that they want to do on Beacon Hill. 

We DO NOT support their efforts to unseat experienced, effective State Committee Members that are elected by the towns in which they represent.  We particularly CANNOT support State Committee Members who have ZERO campaign experiences!

Inexperienced State Committee Members have been recruited to run by the left and the right factions of our Party.  We reject all of these candidates - whether recruited by either side.  We reject them because their responsibility as a SCM is to be "standing campaigns for GOP candidates".  We need campaign experienced State Committee Members for our candidates! This is simple stuff!

I see flyers coming in the mail from one side saying they need help continuing to fight for accountability and lower taxes, so I should support their candidate.  NEWSFLASH: These are not State Legislators!  Bonnie Johnson did nothing but support them, so what are they implying? That she didn't?  Not true.

I see information online from the other side asking to support their inexperienced candidate.  Do I look like a hypocrite? No, we won't support any inexperienced State Committee candidate because it would be disastrous for our candidates!

I want both sides understand we are motivated to fight for better governance for our families and our children.  We are not interested in being in the middle of an intra-Party battle.  We reject the inexperienced candidates recruited by both sides.  In Northborough, those inexperienced candidates are Kristina Spillane and Ann Barndt.  While I admire their willingness to step up, I cannot support their candidacies based on their inability to effectively support the candidates that we work so hard for.

Have you ever heard the saying that when you make everyone mad, you are doing something right?  Well, there it is. Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right, Northborough is stuck in the middle!

I respectfully ask that the voters at Proctor, Lincoln St & Zeh cast a ballot for competence - please re-elect Bonnie Johnson; for voters at Peaslee, - please re-elect Jeanne Kangas!


Kim Shepherd, Chair

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